4 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Beauty, it is said, lies in the eye of the beholder. Something which is beautiful in one person’s eye may not be so in someone else’s eye! However, some countries are just so beautiful that no one can controvert their reputation or dispute their popularity.

Here we take a quick look at 4 most beautiful countries in the world (in random order):

Egypt: If you have been on an Egypt vacation, then there is no need for you to read further. You already know that the historic beauty of this country has found no rival on the planet. It is the sheer size of the temples and the pyramids which will make your head spin in wonderment. Photographers make a beeline to visit this nation simply because of the fact that it is an extremely photogenic place! If you are interested in history, culture or religion, then Egypt is not going to disappoint you (not at all)! Plus, with luxury Egypt tours, one can enjoy a splendid stay on a cruise over the Nile! When you juxtapose Nile with the pyramid, and the Sphinx with the Luxor Temple, and the beaches with the museums, then you discover amidst great astonishment that the beauty of this country is beyond compare!

France: France is certainly beautiful, no doubt about that! Though its capital city Paris enjoys the maximum footfalls, even its not-so-popular towns have their own distinct appeal. The Louvre Museum is like an unsolvable enigma which even inspired Dan Brown to pen down the bestseller ‘Da Vinci Code’! Then there are the churches, the gardens and the fountains! Riviera, Versailles, Bordeaux- these are attractions which would delight your soul.

Australia: Australia is exceedingly beautiful basically because it has an open landscape. It is sparsely populated in terms of population density and has a lot of meadows and pastures to offer. One can say that it still retains a shred of 19th century life when there were a lot of open fields! Besides, there are some great wildlife parks like the Tijuta National Park! The Great Barrier Reef has been voted by many as the most beautiful reef in the world. So, it’s no wonder that this country finds a name in this list.

Brazil: Brazil is naturally beautiful and there is no denying it. Even though some of its towns have little to offer, on the whole it fascinates owing to its landmarks, rivers and waterfalls! The Rio de Janeiro is the ultimate paradise and a city you should definitely visit some day.

So, now that you are well-informed, do pick a destination and enjoy- be it a French trip or luxury Egypt to

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