5 Most Beautiful Lakes In Ladakh That You Must Visit On Your Tranquil Vacation

5 Most Beautiful Lakes In Ladakh That You Must Visit On Your Tranquil Vacation

Ladakh is a heavenly land blessed with some surreal lakes. The clear blue waters reflect the clear blue skies and create a soul-searching beauty that is not to be found anywhere else in the globe. The high-altitude lakes are pitted against the magnetic beauty of the snow-capped mountains and sweeping plains. The beauty is simple and unobtrusive and never lets you take your eyes off them.

They form an integral part of the Ladakh landscape and plays a significant role in enhancing its beauty.The calmness and serenity of Ladakh lakes is energizing and refreshing. To soak the idyllic peace and beauty of Ladakh, one much visit its lakes. While you plan your itinerary do keep a special slot for visiting the fantastic lakes of Ladakh.

Pangong Tso Lake

As they say, the word ‘Pangong’has a special significance. The word in the local Tibetan dialect means ‘a long and narrow enchanted lake’. True to the meaning of its name, Pangong Lake has an enchanting beauty that draws admirers from far and near to see and feel its beauty.

This lake has been featured in movies and is a favourite location for Bollywood flicks and in the process has won an international recognition it terms of beauty and serenity. During the warmer days, this lake is home to a variety of water birds.

Among the rare migratory birds that breed and nest here we have the rare black-necked cranes, Brahminy Ducks, and Seagulls. Pangong Tso Lake has a fascinating and distinct feature that has left its viewers hypnotizedmany a times. It surprisingly changes its colours according to the time of the day. The shade of the water changes to myriad shades of blue and green and the mystical lake form a paradise on earth.

Also another distinctive trait of this superbly beautiful lake is that it never freezes even in intense winters. This lake located in Ladakh and is best accessible in the warmer months of June to September. Pangong Tso Lake is situated approximately 250 kilometres from the town of Leh.

Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri is located largest among all the high-altitude lakes of the region of Ladakh. As the name implies, this lake is fondly referred to as the ‘Mountain Lake’ as it is situated deep in the folds of mountains. Tso Moriri is a glacial lake located high up on the mountains of Ladakh in the land of Changthang Plateau.

Tso Moriri Lake has placid emerald coloured waters that is surrounded by dense green vegetation and themighty mountain ranges of Himalayas. The Lake is the most isolated among the Ladakh lakes and has for its viewers only the serious lovers of natural beauty who take the effort to cross and explore to the interior of the mountain vistas to have a look at its enchanting beauty.

This lake is especially suitable for those who love solitude and peace. There is also an enigmatic Buddhist monastery located beside the lake that adds to the beauty of lake. Tso Moririhas its water sourced from the glacial mountain streams as the snow melts graduallyup in the mountains during the summers. This fact makes Tso Moriri a freshwater lake of Ladakh.

The lake precincts get dressed in the bright hues of fresh green during the summers that fills the air with vibrant freshness and melody of chirping birds. The lake is the home to some famous species of migratory birds such asBrahminyDucks and Black-Necked Cranes here. The lake is located in Ladakh, in the district of Jammu and Kashmir and is best accessible from May to September

Chagar Tso

Chagar Tso is a lake that will definitely overwhelm you with its pristine beauty. It falls on the way en route to Pangong Tso. This place is for the lovers of natural beauty and wanderers at heart. If you are looking for some cool and refreshing mountain lake moments, this is the place where you should be. Be in awe of the beauty created by the Almighty and enjoy the fresh and crisp greenery of the lake surroundings.

The picturesque backdrop created by the snowy peaks of Himalayas interspersed with the verdant greenery of the mountain forests create some heavenly soulful moments to relax. This lake’s beauty is a prelude to the ever gorgeous beauty of Pangong. So after the long ride on bikes or cars spend some moments in union with nature and earth on the banks of the lake before you proceed onwards. This lake is situated approximately 200 kilometres from Leh and the best time to visit this lake is between July to October.

Tso Kar Lake

Situated 160 kilometres from the town of Leh Tso Kar presents before human eyes the exquisite beauty of a salt water lake. It is a very popular lake of Ladakh region and is definitely in the must-see list of the travellers who tread in this part of the earth in search of silent beauty. It is located in the RupshuPlateauin the south of Ladakh.

The liquid clear blue waters of the lakes in contrast to the brown stark beauty of the rugged Himalayas poses an epiphany of the truth of natural beauty. A shimmering blue waters of the lake attract a lot of water birds such as BrahminyDucks, Bar-Headed Geese, Crested Grebe, and the Black-Necked Cranes.

Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake exudes the idyllic beauty of the famedNubra Valley of Ladakh. Situated close to thePanamik village and the Distil villages of Nubra Valley, it also has a hot water spring located beside it. This lake is famous for being a marvellous hiking destination of region.

The best time to visit this lake is during the summer months of July to September.Yarab Tso Lake has a magical beauty that is not to be missed while on Ladakh tour.

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