Read 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali Next

The exotic weather, the laid-back atmosphere, spicy food, low-key lifestyle, and rich heritage makes Bali the place to be on your holidays. The ample sunlight and the open blue skies call for a Bali holiday package. Bali has this magical appeal which has made Bali tourism industry a thriving one in the country. Let us look at the 8 reasons why you should visit Bali next.

Sunny Weather: Thailand is blessed with a pleasant tropical climate and ample daylight that makes it a top option for beach lovers. Sufficient amount of daylight each day allows you to enjoy different activities and see the many sights of Bali.

Temples: The city is home to many temple complexes, spread from the peaks down to the cliffs and even at the low seashores. The ancient structures are archaeological sites still functional with vibrant celebrations and regular festivities. Exploring temples is definitely a part of a Bali tour package.

Nature: Bali has a collection of scenic waterfalls, expanses of emerald paddies, beautiful sunsets and sunrises at the coastline, and 180-degree highland panoramas. Along with ancient temples and remarkable palaces, there are exotic ceremonies and festivities taking place in the country.

Food: Some of the world’s best restaurants are present in Bali. Seminyak is the city’s upscale beach resort area that also has ‘eat street’ with rows of restaurants, from budget eateries to excellent dining restaurants. The island has over the time evolved into a top-class dining destination.

Surfing: Bali is a surfing haven with consistent surf breaks majorly around the Bukit peninsula, with the likes of Uluwatu, Pecatu and Ungasan beaches. Since 1930’s, due to its discovery and exposure to the wave riding culture, Bali’s surf scene has thrived. The beach caters to the pros as well as beginners.

Beaches: The city has plentiful gorgeous beaches, each with its appeal. The beaches range from white sandy coastlines of the south to the shores of the Bukit peninsula. Bali’s northern coast has remote beaches with calm waves.

Hospitality: Bali takes pride in its hospitality, evidently displayed by its people who celebrate every aspect of life with festivity. It is easy to get acquainted and making new friends in the city.

Unique Culture: Many temples around the city celebrate their anniversaries once in every six months. It is possible that you may stumble across one such celebration during your visit to Bali. The town has decorated shrines, fruit offerings, and lively processions, all ready for your click. Even the rites of passage and even death is a festive sight. ‘Ngaben’ cremations or ‘pelebon’ for royalty is a sight to behold with towering effigies carried to the pyre.

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