Restaurants That Serve the Best Local Cuisine in Kashmir

Restaurants That Serve the Best Local Cuisine in Kashmir

Kashmir is not only famous for its enchanting beauty but also known for its tasty foods. With unmatched taste, Kashmiri dishes are prepared with lots of patience and extravagant use of spices, slow-cooked meat dishes are accompanied by exotic rice or pulao, followed by deserts made up of dried fruit and nuts. You can book tour packages from ekashmirtourism if you want to taste the best of Kashmiri cuisine.

Kashmiri cooking is considered as a form of art, even the simple dish tastes different and extraordinary when you are in Kashmir because of the fresh spices used in its making. Green tea known as Kahwa boiled with saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon is an important part of any Kashmiri meal, Kashmiri meal is incomplete without Kahwa.
Ahdoos Restaurant
Ahdoos restaurant, located on Residency Road is one of the old and top most restaurant that dates back to 1918. Originally it was the first bakery of the valley. With passing time, increasing popularity and good taste, it is established as a well-known restaurant where you can enjoy most authentic Kashmiri food in the town. Famous among locals as well as travellers for traditional Kashmiri multicourse meals known as wazwan meals. Apart from traditional Kashmiri delights, you can enjoy a good range of Chinese and vegetarian cuisine in this popular eatery joint. Don’t miss to try something from the bakery.

Cafe de Linz

Known as a heaven for non-vegetarian food, situated at Residency Road, Srinagar. Cafe de Linz is a multicuisine restaurant renowned for its unusually cosy ambiance, dim lighting, and incredibly amazing food. Do try their local delicacies such as gostaba, tabak maaz, Kashmiri pulao, and the legendary rogan josh. It is among the top 10 restaurants in Srinagar and a regularly visited restaurants among locals for evening tea and snacks. Other than the delicious local food, it also serves typical Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Mughal Darbar

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Srinagar to try some of the great Mughlai dishes along with Kashmiri cuisine. Situated at Residency Road in 1st floor, an old-style restaurant with contemporary seating, the murals and pillars in the main dining area give it a vaguely regal feel with mouth-watering food but don’t expect modern restaurant look.

If you will book the restaurant in advance for a full wazwan meal (Kashmiri multi-course meal) than you can opt for special room with carpet floor seating where the food is served in copper dishes. The quality food in reasonable price makes it popular among travellers as well as locals. So, if you are in Kashmir and want to quench your thirst for delicious Kashmiri delicacies in reasonable price Mughal Darbar is for you.

Stream Restaurant

Situated at Boulevard Road, Srinagar, Stream restaurant is one of the best places to try the lip-smacking Kashmiri food. Comfortably air-conditioned, well-maintained interiors, courteous staff, lovely ambience and the ideal location along and reasonable price makes it a must try for all the travellers. It serves a good range of Chinese, Indian, Kashmiri options, plus shakes and smoothies.

Shamyana Restaurant

Strategically located on the banks of famous Dal Lake, Shamyana Restaurant is a popular place to eat in Srinagar. With air-conditioned room and terrace it offers tasty food, courteous service, and a good ambience which makes it ideal for friends, families, couples, and in fact everyone. Easily accessible because of its prominent location, another reason that makes it a popular stop for group tours, travellers as well as the locals. Along with the tasty Indian food and variety of kashmiri wazwan dishes it also offers a variety of tandoori dishes to grilled trout and Mexican enchiladas.

Lhasa Restaurant

Situated on the quiet street across Dal Lake, a pleasant escape from the Boulevard hassle. This small, cosy place serves most amazing Tibetan, Indian and Kashmiri food. The garden setting is made absolutely beautiful with a centre fountain, it is recommended to sit in the garden area and enjoy giant sunflowers while trying the delicious Kashmiri food, Rista and Rogan Josh that are famous among other delicious items.

New Krishna Vaishno Bhojnalay

If you are a vegetarian, Krishna Vaishno Bhojanalay is for you, it serves pure vegetarian delight from dosas to Punjabi kali dal, at an affordable rate. It’s a good eatery which is almost always crowded serving tasty snacks and basic meals, a good joint to enjoy your breakfast in Srinagar.

Dana Pani

A well-known name in restaurants offering awesome food in reasonable price. You can enjoy food with a great view, best place to enjoy the most romantic moonlight dinner with awesome food, it is one of the few restaurants serving yummy vegetarian food, specially the Kashmiri style spicy dal tadka is a must whenever you are in Dana pani.

Chinar at The Lalit Grand Palace

One of the best places to enjoy the mouth-watering Kashmiri food and the lovely gardens in the background. Situated among the majestic maple trees, the outdoor restaurant Chinar at Lalit Grand Palace is a must dinning experience that you can’t afford to miss whenever you are in town. They offer best services with the variety of delicious delicacies along with the range of fine wine. It’s a five-star property offering good option of food for both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarians.


As the name suggests it is one of the restaurants serving a quality wazwan dishes, situated at 1st floor of Resident hotel Heemal at main boulevard road. With perfect Kashmiri ambience it’s a good choice for veg and non-veg delight but with a specialization in non-veg. Again, if you are in a search of a good restaurant with reasonable price then it is a good pocket-friendly option serving tasty traditional Kashmiri food.

Kashmiris generally are heavy meat eaters which is noticeable ingredient in their cuisine, their meal is not complete without shades of meat. If you are a non-vegetarian than the quality of the local food with layers of flavour (gravy) will surely send your senses to the next level. The food will feel heavenly and satisfy your hunger to the fullest.

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