The World’s Most Haunted Cities

Some cities boast of glorious history, some are blessed with scenic natural wonders, while some offer great urban exploration. But there are a few cities that hold the reputation of being not entirely inhabited by the mortals. They are known for legends of ghosts, vampires and gruesome killings.

Thus, with Halloween approaching, we have listed below some of the spookiest cities in the world. Grab a few cheap flight tickets and head to any of these places for an experience that will send shivers down your spine.

Prague, Czech Republic

Book cheap flight deals to Prague and explore one of the most haunted cities of Europe. One of the city’s most famous folklores is the Mad Barber, a cursed spirit doomed to stroll the boulevards at dusk. Allegedly, he went crazy after losing his spouse. He started slaughtering the pedestrians passing by with a razor. Eventually, he was killed by soldiers.

The Begging Skeleton is regarded as a friendly ghost who begs money from drunkards. He was believed to be a handsome but poor guy. Legend has it that a professor offered him a large sum of money in exchange for his skeleton. The guy agreed but passed away shortly after having been involved in a combat. His skeleton has often been sighted wandering the streets of the Czech Capital, trying to gather enough money to set himself free.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Grab cheap airline tickets to New Orleans and head to the most haunted cemetery in the USA. St. Louis cemetery is the resting place of the Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Many people have reported to have seen her soul wandering around at the cemetery.

Located at the French Quarter, the residence of Madame Delphine LaLaurie is quite popular amongst ghost-enthusiasts. One day, a fire broke out and destroyed several parts of the house. A torture chamber was found in the loft. It is said that Madame LaLaurie captured slaves, conducted experiments on them and cut their body parts. Apparently, spirits of the slaves still haunt the site.

London, England

Get onboard a low cost flight to London and discover the countless paranormal legends of the English capital. In 1900s, a guy was taking a stroll by the London Wall when suddenly out of nowhere an arm appeared and obstructed his path. Frightened, he turned around and thought about making a run for it. But then he decided to look again and when he did, he saw a man robed in dark attire walking right into the wall and vanishing.

Another very popular tale is that of the Highgate Vampire. In 1960s, the government decided to abandon the Highgate Cemetery and left it to decay. At its time, it was one of the most popular sites for a deceased to get buried. The Victorian Era people tried to outshine each other by making more sumptuous tombstones and crypts.

Numerous cases of paranormal happenings have been reported here. Most of them relate to the Highgate Vampire. He is believed to be a dark and tall figure with red gloomy eyes. Even a vampire quest was held that turned out to be unsuccessful. If you’re hoping for a close encounter with paranormal entities, then book flight tickets fly to London and visit this eerily intriguing cemetery.

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