Things Don’t Do In Spiti Valley

What to do in the Spiti and what things to see there is a widely covered topic. Try googling it and you will get several pages providing you an endless set of activities that you can enjoy; or places of interest that you need to cover. But a straight important question is of what to avoid and safeguards that you need to observe to be able to ensure a safe trip. In this specific article, I will list down such things never to do in Spiti Valley. This includes safety tips related to highway conditions; and also other matters like severe mountain sickness; and some general understanding of the region.

There is no matter of the rise in travel places like Ladakh and Spiti remain highly remote; where even a few of the essential amenities continue steadily to still remain lacking. They are still places that stay take off from remaining country for a number of weeks in a year. Even a small mistake here can cause some serious implications and spoil the trip for you. A vacation to Spiti valley requires you to definitely become acquainted with the area you are going to visit and feel the trip carefully. This becomes of even more important if it’s your loved ones you are journeying with.

Below is a list of 3 things that I would recommend you to be careful with.

That is one of the most frequent mistakes the people make. A typical impression is the fact that Ladakh is tougher than Spiti Valley; and for people who have been to Ladakh, Spiti is easy. The reality, however, is, though similar in a number of ways, Ladakh and Spiti are two totally different activities.

As a matter of known fact, in a number of aspects, a Leh Ladakh tour packages from Delhi may be considered a little easier than Spiti.

With regards to street conditions, Ladakh is successful completely. In the event that you prepared carefully, you can easily visit Ladakh even in a hatchback or Sedan. The good friend of mine has been there even in a Maruti 800. This changes big style when you speak about Spiti Valley. The street here is merely a member of the family term and the stretch out between Gramphoo to Batal can be a car killer for a hatchback or Sedan. After Rampur and until Kaza, mainly you will be driving on the broken dirt track full of pebbles.

The street between Kaza to Manali will also see you crossing water stream one after another; so many that you will lose the count. A few of this water stream are profound enough to swallow a complete truck (on a lighter note of course). You will see large slippery stones underneath the water and vehicles getting trapped in this stream are unsurprising in any way. For Spiti trip, ensure that you are getting a car with good ground clearance. You nevertheless still need to remain emotionally well prepared that at several places, you will see jumping rocks striking the abdominal of your vehicle.

Do not underestimate the roads or the terrain

You might have been on numerous highway outings, or done a great deal of traveling; you might have had your fill up of off-roading nevertheless, you cannot make the error to be overconfident in Spiti Valley. The highways here are challenging and can be treacherous if you weren’t careful. You nevertheless still need to take your time and become careful. Understand the actual fact that you will be driving through an area that gets buried under snow come winter and BRO must work these highways straight every year. One small mistake can easily see you drive off the street and downhill or at least cause serious harm to your vehicle.

Do not confuse Lahaul with Spiti

That is another common one of the errors made. Usually, what Lahaul & Spiti go together and people finish off convinced that it is one and the same place. The actual fact, however, is the fact that both are totally different valleys. Spiti is the region around Kaza, Tabo, Dhankar, and Chandra Taal. Whereas Lahaul valley is the province around Darcha, Jispa, Keylong, and Udaipur.

To go to Spiti, you can either travel from Shimla or Manali however in order to go to Lahaul valley, you will need to take the Manali way only. While doing the Spiti circuit, you either leave at Gramphoo after going to Spiti; or get into the Spiti valley from Gramphoo if via Manali side. In both these instances, you miss the Lahaul Valley completely and don’t visit there by any means. If you are planning for a Shimla – Kaza – Manali trip, you are just going to Spiti. For going to Lahaul, you will need to throw in several more days and go towards Keylong, Jispa, and Udaipur.

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