Things To Consider While Renting Bullet in India

The option of renting an Enfield to travel in India is a wonderful method of getting familiar with the country. You can visit places that tourists don’t go and meet the locals who are totally not spoiled by tourism. If you choose to rent a motorbike in India and you are planning to visit India, it is best to go the Indian way by riding Royal Enfields. Simply put, Bullets! These bikes are stunning, very reliable and an incredible experience in all. It is possible to rent one of the Enfield in India isn’t too difficult.

Renting an Enfield in India: Preparations


The best thing you could do is to leave all of your luggage that weighs a lot at the starting point. The majority of motorbike rentals require the return of the bike back to the location it was originally rented from, meaning you’ll be returning in the future. Also, you don’t need all the clothes on your bicycle! If you don’t know anyone from the city you are renting or want to inquire in a hostel. A lot of hostels will store your luggage at no cost when you rent the Enfield within India. Include a few tips and you’ll be assured that nothing is going to happen to your luggage in your absence.


Depending on the season you are renting the Enfield at the time of renting an Enfield in India (and the destination you are traveling to in the first place) you’ll have to pack several layers of clothing. If you’re starting from Delhi then make sure to visit the market and shops in the Karol Bhag area where you will find everything at a reasonable cost. We drove through February, which is one of winter’s coldest and chilly months of the year, so we bought long-sleeved underwear and comfortable socks and facemasks, and scarves prior to taking off.

Looking back, it was a sensible choice! One of the top shops along the Main Bazaar Road in Karol Bhag is a second-hand clothing dealer. There are some real treasures in this shop and there is nothing higher than the price of 500 Rs (EUR six). My friend John was digging deep in the jacket pile and came across an original North Face windbreaker for no more than 400 rupees! When you exit the station, the store is located on your right after approximately 400 meters.

Enfield in India The ideal location to rent

Of course, I could not be 100% correct however we’ve heard: Of the more than 50 locations to rent or lease an Enfield in Delhi There are three places that are considered to be safe. Try the other places and let me know about your impressions, however don’t be concerned about getting ripped off in the future. However, this isn’t solely about getting taken advantage of, it’s important to ensure the safety of the bike you’re purchasing. It is, in essence, an option that can have a negative impact on your life.

I highly endorse Tony Bike Center. They have an excellent collection of bikes, years of experience, and a fully-equipped shop, and are generally extremely helpful. They’ve been recommending us from all angles including other rental companies which was a positive indication. You should definitely speak to Rajesh as he is an expert in everything!

Before you go – Checklist

  1. Request the rental company to place a luggage rack on the rear of your bicycle. So, not only will you not have to carry things onto your back, but it can be quite a hassle. Additionally, you can have a small crushing zone in the event that you knock something over sideways. Be careful you’re much bigger than you think! You can purchase bungees to secure your luggage within the racks in the smaller stores in the motorbike zone.
  1. Choose the bicycle! If I was you I wouldn’t save money by choosing an older bike with a lesser engine. I’d prefer the bigger machine, 500cc! 1. In the chaos that is Indian traffic, a little horsepower is never harmful. 2. It’s a lot more fun! The Machismo 500cc (what is that name!) costs around 1200 rupees (EUR15) for a day. Do not forget to bargain, particularly in low-season! Trust me when I say the bikes will be worth each penny.
  1. Be sure to bring sufficient cash on hand. The place where you rent will request a 40.000 Rupees (EUR 500) security deposit to reserve a huge bike. They want to make sure that you will be reimbursed in the event you don’t return in the event of an issue, whether it’s an accident or an abrupt decision to take the bike back to the place you grew up in… There’s an ATM located near the Tony Bike Centre. However, it only allows 10k at a time. Therefore, you’ll need to be spending a lot of time there. Important note: You can also deposit the money with any currency!
  1. Important: Make sure to thoroughly inspect the bike before leaving and note any damage you find. It’s India at the end of the day, so the chance of being scammed later on is very extremely high (sorry for this, but it’s the way things are). The only way to keep from paying for a loss that you’re not accountable for is to be aware of the damage before you do. Also, we are talking about small scratches here.
  1. More importantly, check whether all features function effectively. You’ll be able to test drive before heading out. Make sure you check all lights and brakes and all cables, tire profiles. And everything else you can think of. Also, check the chain ring in the rear. If you notice any teeth missing or it appears worn, ask them to replace it! If you notice anything that doesn’t look like it is safe, they should repair it or replace it prior to leaving. Your life is dependent on it! or, at the very most, your deposit…
  1. Be sure to carry all the documents in your possession prior to departure. The documents basically say that you own the bicycle, which is crucial to police inspections. (However, the police were not interested in us at all.)
  1. Make sure you have enough helmets. If you’re not sure whether you’ll be taking people with you when hiring the Enfield in India take another one. They’re simple to connect onto the luggage rack and the rental location is stocked with them. Also, check if the helmets are of good quality!

The cost of renting an Enfield in India getting out on the road

Now is the time to start! Get the Enfield going! When you start up an Enfield up, you’ll know instantly why you’re doing this! The sound produced by the bikes is incredible, powerful and evil. They are surprisingly soft under your arms.

Do one last check to make sure you’ve got everything essential on your travels and if your luggage is tucked away (things are easy to lose when you travel on bad roads). And then, finally, be an integral part the Indian traffic!

Things to be aware of while driving

Indian traffic is crazy. Period. Once you’re within it, it all is logical. As if it is a natural process. However, you must remain focused if you want to live. Seriously.

  1. The traffic lights are frequently neglected. So are pedestrian crossings. I’m not advising you to take the same route, but take note that you could be pedestrians coming from different directions, even if the lights indicate a vibrant color of red…
  2. The vehicle with the most power has the right to use the right of way. Importantly, the more powerful your vehicle is, the better you will be! Make sure you are prepared to exit your vehicle in event of a catastrophic situation. I was forced to leave the road at one point when I saw two buses coming my way. If I hadn’t driven into the ditch, I’d have never written this piece this moment.
  3. We have found that moving slightly more quickly than others aids in not getting caught in traffic congestion. It is also essential to understand that overtaking is able to be done from both sides.
  4. Be alert for animals of all sorts that jump on the streets: People as well as cats, dogs and cows, rats, camels, monkeys, elephants, …
  5. Monkeys are crazy, and often violent
  6. Bumpy roads: Always look for warnings along the roads. It is not advisable to go over any of these concrete bumps with full speed when riding the motorbike. Even on a bike that is as powerful as an Enfield. I guarantee it!
  7. If you’re feeling heavy, do not allow your bike to fall into the road. There’s no way you’ll be able to take it back by yourself! I had the entire staff at a restaurant assist me return my bike to its straight position. A bit embarrassing.
  8. Road tolls do not apply to motorbikes! Always proceed to the left and you’ll find an unintentional lane for bikes to travel through.

In general, it’s much better to choose smaller side roads than the highway. There are roads that may be more difficult but you’ll see much less traffic, that makes up for it. Furthermore, the probability that you will meet people from the local area is more likely. Are looking for Royal Enfield Bullet on Rent? visit Kashmir Bikes for good deals.

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