Tips For A Newly Wed Bride To Adjust In A Kayastha Family

Tips For A Newly Wed Bride To Adjust In A Kayastha Family

Indian marriages have attained a grand scale across the globe and every community has its own rituals and customs that are to be followed by a newly-wed bride. While the occasion of marriage involves a lot of glory, the system of castes imposes certain restrictions that are maintained by married women in India. Kayasthas usually belong to the northern part of India and are considered as sub sects of Brahmins. Although, the rituals are similar regardless of their place of residence, they prefer marrying within their own sect. When the bride leaves her paternal home for the first time and is a part of another family after marriage, there are lots of changes that come into her life and coping with them becomes a real challenge.

The following tips are easy and effective that can help a newly-wed bride to adjust in a Kayastha family.

1. Learning Housework – A newly married woman needs to learn the household chores after marriage and this is an important part of Kayastha matrimony. Girls usually do not have much to do as long as they are in their paternal homes, although there is a major change in the scenario immediately after marriage. If you have just got married to a guy belonging to a Kayastha family, you must show interest to do the household chores at your new home. Initially, you can start preparing the morning tea and then moves on to making breakfast and cooking the other meals.

2. Respectful attitude – The elders in Kayastha family love to get respect from a newly-wed bride and this is something that you need to follow regularly. For instance, touching the feet of the elders is the first task that you need to complete in the morning. Ask your elders about their health or whether they need any help from you, as all this makes you earn love and affection from your in laws as well.

3. Help from your husband – It takes a lot of time to adjust in a new household and it is a good option to try to know the tradition and the culture of the family from your husband. For instance, what are the things that need to be done during a ceremony or a ritual and the rules of worship that are followed in the family? It will help you become familiar with the new household in more than one ways.

4. Calling your husband – When it comes to Kayastha matrimony, you cannot call your husband by name, particularly in front of the elders. Make this a habit as a newly-wed bride although it might appear difficult initially.

5. Do not go out alone – A newly-wed bride must not leave home alone and has to be accompanied by husband or another family member. It is good to discuss your plans with your husband beforehand and do not leave house or your home without informing the elders.

Following these tips will allow you to lead a happy married life in the new household when you become a part of a Kayastha household.

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